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About Us

LeitKnight Gaming started as a project with two goals - to improve a skill set, and to make it easier for us and our friends to run our tabletop RPGs. We are especially proud of our duel script, which (using Pathfinder 1e rules, but should be largely compatible with 5e and most similar systems) will run a simulated fight between two characters. But beyond that, we are working to create a robust repository of various generators and other tools, to make running your game as easy as possible.

Did you promise your group a session, but don't have any time to come up with an interesting encounter? Do you need an NPC on the fly and your imagination is totally drained? Are you in an ongoing argument with your friend about whose PC would definitely win in a fight, statistically? We've got all the content you need to solve these dilemmas and more, and we're always working on adding new solutions as their need arises.

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We'd love to hear your feedback and support. Our contact box is always open, but you can also follow us on Facebook, or join us on Discord for more updates on upcoming content, or just to say hi!