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Encounter 1: Pixie Pranks

In our first encounter, your PCs are facing a different, fairly benign sort of threat. These pesky pixies are a nuisance more than a danger, and offer several ways to lead in to larger quests, though on its own it makes an interesting diversion from more standard adventurers.

This is suitable primarily for low-level parties.

Encounter 2: Tunnel Trouble

In our second encounter, face your PCs against a foe that will require more tactical thinking and advance planning than a standard "you find a bear in the woods" situation. It is suitable as a questboard entry, a random encounter, or even a potential resource for either them or their enemies.

This is suitable primarily for mid-low level parties, though it can be modified for higher levels.

Encounter 3: Defunct Distillery

In our third encounter, your PCs will find a relatively straightforward fight versus a more entertaining enemy. If your players are loath to roleplay, maybe getting their characters forcibly intoxicated will help them be more willing to be silly.

This is suitable for mid-level parties, and can be easily adjusted for higher levels.

Encounter 4: Sewer Salvage

In our fourth encounter, your PCs embark on a quest down into the sewers beneath whatever city they are currently spending time in to stop whatever is down there eating the kobold employees responsible for maintaining the system. With a few different options for adjusting the difficulty level and plot relevance, there's room for this to fit into most groups for a last-minute session.

This is suitable for low-level parties.

Encounter 5: Marsh Madness

In our fifth encounter, your PCs are led to combat a young black dragon who is harassing a nearby settlement. Largely a one-off quest, there are options for adjusting the difficulty, and a few different ways for your players to stumble upon the quest in the first place.

This is built for Pathfinder 2e, and is a moderate encounter for a level 7 party.

Encounter 6: Gecko Grove

In our sixth encounter, we introduce a skill challenge! Your PCs get the opportunity to learn about the Grippli community of gecko racers, and even compete themselves. This is fairly level-agnostic, though higher-level players will have a slight advantage and you may want to adjust some of the statistics based on your PC's abilities.

This is built for Pathfinder 2e.

Encounter 7: Heist Hijinks

In our seventh encounter, let your players indulge in their instinct to always steal things! They can case the joint, make plans to avoid detection, and hopefully abscond with some neat treasure - whatever kind they're looking for. This is designed for low-level characters, since certain degrees of magic could trivialize the encounter.

This is built for Pathfinder 2e.

Encounter 8: Barghest Birthday Bash

In our eighth encounter, it's time to throw a party! But not just any party; the PCs need to use their skills to put together the best birthday party possible for the barghest leading a local goblin tribe. Food, gifts, entertainment - the fate of the goblins (and the nearby village) rests in the capable hands of our heros.

This is built for Pathfinder 2e, and is designed for a level 2 or 3 party.

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